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10 Tips to decorate for Winter

‘Tis the Season friends! While the world around us seems to go into a deep sleep, our homes remain jubilant and warm with celebrations of many kinds. As the streets become less occupied in these chilly months, our dwellings do the opposite. Keep your loved ones and guests entertained with a fabulous winter décor.

  1. It’s time to put the fireplace back in business! This is the perfect time for some serious mantle décor. No matter what beliefs you and your family hold true, the mantle is the perfect place to boast them. Embellish it with lights, greenery, figurines, candles. The list goes on and on…
  2. Garnishes of the season include tinsel, poinsettias, winter berries, evergreen, firs, pinecones, sprigs of holly, twigs, pomegranates, persimmons, tangerines, cranberries, clementines, etc.
  3. Strands of light aren’t just for the exterior! Drape them along buffets, doorways, or cabinetry to add a warm glow to your home. Remember to be modest with them. Too many can be overkill (to the eye and the energy bill).
  4. Add throws around the house to keep your family and your guests warm. Chenille throws and quilted blankets can be found in a variety of colors and patterns. Go for colors that bring the season to life in your interior.
  5. The colors of the season don’t have to be narrowed down to only red and green. Warm colors like deep oranges, golds, and browns will help to cozy up a room when the outside is covered in white.
  6. Switching slipcovers and window treatments will shake things up. There are some beautiful toiles out for the season that will add a spark of excitement to your living room. Depending on ventilation, you may want to keep your drapery minimal, as to let some winter light into your interior. Try chiffons and silks.
  7. Mimic the season! Hang crystal snowflakes or quartz in your windows! Not only is this a great decorating idea, but will catch the light and throw beautiful rainbows around the room to brighten up a cold winter’s day.
  8. Candles, just like last season, are a must!!! Burn them night and day in places that need some extra warmth (bathrooms, bedrooms, foyers…). Christmas Cookie, Holly Berry, Peppermint, Pomegranate, and Winter Berry are a few great scents!
  9. If you haven’t used rugs yet, this is the time! They add a sense of warmth to any room, and are great for the winter season! Large throw pillows along the edges of a rug will be inviting to guests for extra seating and add a sense of comfort to any room!
  10. Not many people I know can afford to repaint their walls with the changing seasons! If not, reinvent by changing out your artwork. Check out for affordable and abundant choices for your Winter décor. Earthenware with Pomegranates, Cezanne’s Melting Snow, Fontainebleau, and O’Keefe’s Red Cannas are just a few ideas!

Seasons Greetings and Happy Decorating!!

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