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2007 Decor Trends – Final Thoughts

Brieana Cecil - Interior DesignersGive me personal space! It seems like no matter what our clients’ style may be, they are always eager to fit their intimate belongings into the space. There has been a turn from the standard matchy-matchy décor. This year the industry expects people to go more eclectic, adding heirlooms, artwork, antiques, and ‘forgottens’ in the attic to even their most prized rooms.

To reiterate from before, people are intrinsically looking for comfort. These times are fast, impersonal, and mass-produced. We deal with enough of that at work, and the general public doesn’t want it at home. So, take a gander in the attic, under the bed, or in that old closet that hasn’t been opened for five years, you may find something you like!!!

Well, can you see the general focus of the 2007 trends that we have outlined the last couple of weeks? People seem to be interested in becoming more at one with their homes again. Rather than the cold, catalogue, show home look of the past, homeowners are focusing on what makes them feel comfortable in their space.

Where is the pride in a beautiful home that you cannot unwind in? And what gives us more pride than playing a part in creating our own surroundings? So, be open, be creative, and make a home that makes you feel good! Happy New Year!

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