About the Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt - The KissGustav Klimt, the Vienna master painted the Kiss painting in 1907. The painting depicts a couple surrounded by a gold blanket and ornaments sharing a moment of shear passion – the perfect kiss.

In the oil and gold masterpiece, the man appears standing as he holds in his arms the kneeling woman. The two seem to be positioned on a flower field, kissing, totally engaged with one another. The woman seems to be following the lead of her partner, but is not taking an active part.

The patterns of the man are mostly black and white rectangles, while the woman is engulfed in flowers.

The identity of the people depicted in this painting is not exactly clear; some suggest that it is Klimt himself and his beloved partner, Emilie Floge. However, that is sheer speculation as Klimt made it a point never to paint himself. He was once quoted: “For this reason one will have to do without an artistic or literary self-portrait of me. This is not really to be regretted.”

Many have tried to interpret the Kiss masterpiece, some say that the golden surrounding represent the feeling of how everything seems so beautiful and golden at first kiss. Some suggest the painting depicts the succumbing of the woman to the man’s sexual desires.

One thing is certain, the feeling of sheer excitement and heart-struck energies are captured by Klimt in this passionate masterpiece, this perfect kiss is captured and will forever remain timeless.

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