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Art in Hospitals – Oil Paintings that Soothe the Soul

van gogh oil painting - Courtyard of the Hospital at ArlesA close family member of mine had to spend a couple of days in the hospital. When I came to visit him I was surprised to see the really cool artworks he had hanging on the walls of his room.

Through extensive research, I’ve learned that in order to help create a better environment for patients, hospitals have worked hard to ensure to boost patient’s morale by works of art in their surroundings.

Studies have shown that oil paintings and art can have a beneficial impact on patients. For a small cost, hospitals can hang oil paintings on the walls of hospitals and make a huge difference in the patient’s environment. Furthermore, analysis of hospital statistics has demonstrated that visual art and wall decor can decrease the use of pain-killing medicine.

Art has always been associated with a positive effect on both health and wellbeing. Art can help fade levels of anxiety and depression in patients during the wait prior to surgery.

Traditionally, oil paintings have been utilized in healthcare settings in two ways – as decorative pieces to improve the environment, and as therapeutic devices, especially for people with mental health problems.

With that said, wall décor and great art reproductions, in particular, have been playing an increased role in people’s general wellbeing and day-to-day health.

As I walked past the Monet reproductions on the wall, I wondered what effect these masterpieces can have on a person’s vigor… There is a slew of different ways in which art and health can go together:
The way art makes you feel, dares you to dream and gives you the will to get better, back on your feet, and see the bright future leading a healthy life.

It seems as if the benefits of art are just starting to be understood. Our lives can benefit from the art on every level. So get inspired and get better. Let art lead you on the road to recovery.

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