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The Healing Power of Art :Art and Rehab

There are two forms of art therapy that have shown us the healing power of art. There is productive, which encourages patients to express their thoughts and emotions through an art form. This is usually done with drawing or painting and the focus is in the process of creating the finished product. Meanwhile, the other kind is reflective, where the patient and therapist work together to interpret the meaning of an art piece and how it reflects on their emotions. Sometimes, simply being surrounded by beautiful works of art can help patients who are dealing with the struggle of addiction and assist them on the road to recovery.

Art can help with a variety of issues including severe stress, trauma, depression, anxiety and addiction. For instance, it has been shown to help raise serotonin levels in many patients, which is considered the happiness chemical. In addition, art has shown to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol. Also, a study by a neurobiologist at the University College London found that people experienced a drastic change in mood after time spent walking through a museum. In conclusion, Enjoying art also lowers your stress levels, which can help many rehab patients coping with withdrawals, by giving them something relaxing and enjoyable to focus on.

Here are some ideas for art pieces that we think would help a person relax and elevate their mood the healing power of art, while going through the difficult phases of rehabilitation:


Calm but Beautiful Still-Life:

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Discarded Roses

Discarded Roses – Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Other Recommended Beautiful Still-Life Oil Paintings:

Crown Imperial Fritillaries in a Copper Vase – Vincent van Gogh

Peonies In A Vase – Edouard Manet


Relaxing Seascapes: 

Claude Monet - Sailboat at Le Petit-Gennevilliers

Sailboat at Le Petit-Gennevilliers – Claude Monet


Other Recommended Relaxing Seascapes Oil Paintings:

A Sunset Calm in the Bay of Fundy – William Bradford

Harbour – Justyna Kopania


Energetic Abstracts:

Wassily Kandinsky - Composition VII, 1913

Composition VII – Wassily Kandinsky


Other Recommended Energetic Abstracts Oil Paintings:

Abstract Harmony – Sanjay Punekar

Spring – Pol Ledent


Joyful Landscapes:

Vincent van Gogh - Field of Poppies - The Healing Power of Art

Field of Poppies – Vincent van Gogh


Other Recommended Joyful Landscapes Oil Paintings:

View on the Catskill – Thomas Cole

Napa Hills – Tom Carlos


Inspirational Portraits:

Johannes Vermeer - Girl with a Pearl Earring - The Healing Power of Art

Girl with a Pearl Earring – Johannes Vermeer


Other Recommended Inspirational Portraits Oil Paintings:

Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vinci

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer – Gustav Klimt

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