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Artist's father reading oil released today its Father’s Day Top 5 list. The list names this year’s most popular oil paintings for dads. Topping the chart is Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece “Starry Night.” Oil paintings by William Bradford, Wassily Kandinsky and Pablo Picasso also made the list. used visitor interactions on their website to measure the site usage of male adults over the age of 35. Recording more than 5,000,000 sessions revealed that “Starry Night,” was the most sought after painting clicked by male adults 37 percent of each session. Second, was “Café Terrace at Night” which garnered 23 percent of the clicks.

The oil paintings that made the “Dad’s Favorites: Top Five Oil Paintings for Father’s Day” list are:

  1. “Starry Night,” Vincent van Gogh – This masterpiece by van Gogh was named the best-selling oil painting of the last decade by The oil painting depicts the view outside van Gogh’s sanatorium room window at night.
  2. “Café Terrace at Night,” Vincent van Gogh – Van Gogh’s famous painting of the small coffee shop in Arles has caused it to become one of Southern France’s most sought after attractions.
  3. “The Old Guitarist, 1903,” Pablo Picasso – This sorrowful portrait of an old man playing his guitar is one of the famous paintings Picasso created during his Blue Period (1901-1904).
  4. “A Sunset Calm in the Bay of Fundy,” William Bradford – This painting, created by Bradford in 1860, depicts full-sailed ships heading out to sea with the brightly peaked sun on its horizon.
  5. “Farbstudie Quadrate (Color Study of Squares),” Wassily Kandinsky – Kandinsky’s tour de force is one of’s bestselling paintings, bursting with bright colors and a contemporary design.

“Data mining our knowledge base gives us a unique perspective on the art market,” said David Sasson, founder and president of “Our unique insights and ability to forecast what people love on their walls enables consumers to make easy gift selections that will be cherished by the recipient for years to come.”

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