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Caring for your Art: Tips for Hanging Oil Paintings Away from Harm

sbr2The oil painting you have just hung on the wall may still be susceptible to damage. Never choose where to hang an oil painting based solely on where you think it will look best. Ignoring necessary environmental factors could damage your original oil painting more than you expect.

Event though oil painting is a highly durable media it is still best to take into account temperature, air moisture, and lighting when thinking about the best place to hang your art.

The following are a few tips to help you find that perfect spot for your art away from harm:

  1. Think about when you attend a showing at an art gallery. The space is usually cool as higher temperatures lead to the deterioration of the painting.
  2. Watch out for elevated humidity.
  3. Do not hang your painting near heating vents.
  4. Areas with high moisture – such as the bathroom – are not good places to hang your oil painting.
  5. Avoid walls with direct sunlight and rooms that have a hall volume of dust as it contains certain acids which can erode the artwork. You can periodically remove dust from the oil painting with a soft brush, but it may be advisable to use the brush solely for this purpose. Low light will assist with maintaining the original color of the artwork.

These brief tips will assist you as you consider where to hang your new oil painting in your home or office. Remember to consider aesthetic as well as environmental conditions and your painting will not only look great but last for generations.

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