The Environmental Impressionist

Monet - Floating Ice near VetheuilGlobal warming is a very serious issue. Former vice-president Al Gore recently won the Nobel Peace Prize for his continuous battle to educate the world about the effects of global warming. His search for finding methods to help stop global warming in the documentary film Inconvenient Truth was a turning point for many in the battle to save our ecosystem. We must as a society do all we can to stop what seems to be the destruction of our beautiful planet.

I recently had the privilege of gazing on a Claude Monet reproduction called Floating Ice- near Ventheuil, and my first impression was that this painting symbolizes global warming more then any other art piece I have seen even from more contemporary artists.

The splashing waters and breaking ice of the Monet masterpiece explains the changes of environment and lighting. Excellent conversation piece, even though Floating Ice near Vetheuil was painted many years ago, it evokes interest and depicts the changes that our planet is going through.

Dangers of changing climate I’m sure may not have been running through Monet’s mind as he began to imagine Floating Ice near Vetheuil. However, the water and its surroundings in the painting give insight on natural changes and the importance of recognizing differences in weather and natural conditions.

Claude Monet is not only the father of Impressionism, but his unique style and depiction of light and water make his works Environmentally Conscious as well. His art captures the shadows and movement of the waters, which makes his art very current and newsworthy due to global warming affects around the world.

Claude Monet has many oil paintings that have that “global warming conscious” feel, I don’t think it would be right to title him from an Impressionist to an Environmentalist but his appreciation of nature and love for the intricacies of light and water make him the father of Environmental Impressionism in my book.

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