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Decorating with Handmade Oil Paintings

Starry Night - Handmade oil paintingsOil paintings have always brought elegance and ambience to home décor. Many people buy original oil paintings as part of their hobby. But then those who can’t afford original art can certainly find a great alternative. Yes, an inexpensive alternative!

Acquiring original expensive paintings doesn’t fit everyone’s budget. So what’s the alternative if you would still want to own a handmade masterpiece in your office or home? The solution is an oil painting reproduction piece that can be purchased at a fraction of the original price. These oil paintings are near to exact replicas of the original ones. Now, you have to remember that these replicas might fall short on your expectations but then they are much more fabulous then those lifeless prints.

So how do they do it? Oil painting reproduction techniques are very complicated and many consider it an art form by itself.  The process of reproducing great art must be handled only by experienced and expert artists who can jot down entire paintings of your choice in a superior quality oil painting form on a bare museum grade canvas. Paintings on canvas are stretched to fit across wooden frames. A gesso ground layer is applied to remove any acidic properties of the oil paints used. Next thing is to apply the pigments and mix it up with the oils like linseed, walnut, safflower, poppy seed and many more. The different ratios between oils and pigments generate lots of different effects on the canvas.

You can have almost any art reproduction done. The elegance of oil paintings is very much in style. These handmade masterpieces add lots of color and class either to your living room or office where you can hang wall art oil paintings. Some people would buy these paintings for decorating, others for collecting and few as an investment. But nevertheless, reproduction oil paintings are available in different shapes and sizes and are considered to hold the passion of the originals. For colors and texture that no print could ever reproduce, check out reproduced handmade oil paintings.

Reproduction oil paintings have made it possible to have a handmade Van Gogh or Picasso hanging in your home. Such exuberant masterpieces are now available at an affordable price for home decorating or even for your office adding a brisk look and a treasured feel.

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