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“Designing by Art” – Van Gogh

Who says that the design always comes before the art? Oil Paintings along with other forms of art offer us endless inspiration and new direction for our surroundings. I’ve always believed that the framework of a beautiful design is hiding in that one piece that you view as extra special. We just have to take a look around us and start with the art!

Starry Night; one of the most emotion-drawing pieces in history. Finished at the height of Vincent’s mental breakdown, the painting retains volumes of emotion—surprisingly calm emotion. The night sky swirls and glows with life as the small village below seems satisfied and quiet. This painting grows on it’s viewer the more it is admired. Striking primary colors along with quick, coarse brushwork that adds to the movement of the painting would make it seem quite busy. Although much activity is taking place, it is balanced with a stillness that establishes ambiance in it’s surroundings. Blues and golds are your backdrop here. On bigger pieces, like sofas or case goods, stick to a solid color and try to find pattern within the construction.

This keeps the eye interested, but not overwhelmed. Find patterns that reflect the starbursts and swirls in the painting and incorporate them in decorative pieces like pillows, area rugs, lamps, and such. Classic lines are important in this scheme, as this is a warm and romantic décor. Try to stay away from the cool starkness of more modern style. Maybe you want to try to replicate some interesting texture on your walls, or be bold and go with a deep cerulean blue! The goal here is to find that perfect balance that Mr. Van Gogh found at his most unbalanced of times, and then let yourself be the artist of your own design!

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