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“Designing By Art” with Gustav Klimt

Who says that the design always comes before the art? Oil Paintings along with other forms of art offer us endless inspiration and new direction for our surroundings. I’ve always believed that the framework of a beautiful design is hiding in that one piece that you view as extra special. We just have to take a look around us and start with the art!

Expectation; by Gustav Klimt is a phenomenal piece of work to examine when in need of creative motivation. Klimt was considered an artist of Art Nouveau, although his technique encompassed a variation of style. This one in particular has a very distinct Egyptian feel—the figure seemingly two dimensional with the head turned at a nearly impossible angle. We recognize a resemblance of the Eye of Ra both in the background and in the woman’s dress. A perfect balance of organic and geometric shapes along with vibrant color makes this piece complex and captivating. With a good eye, and some treasure hunting, your interior can be the same!
Such a royal color palette calls for bold furnishings and mediums.

Look for designs that overlap or repeat one another. Find furnishings that reflect the shapes in the piece—triangles, spirals, lines, knots, etc. Egyptian-like statues, pottery, and angular woodwork will contribute! Curvaceous patterns compliment Expectation. The work seems to flow within itself as if the figure dances before a warm and blustering wind—keep this in mind. Motion in stillness is the key element in this masterpiece. Applied to your interior this will have a peaceful yet striking impact!

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