A Mother’s Day Guide

Whether you’re the ultimate gift-giver or a last-minute shopper, we’ve got what you need to make this Mother’s Day a memorable one for you, and more especially, your mom.

First, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14. Mark your calendar, and more importantly, check out this Mother’s Day Guide for a complete list of Mother’s Day essentials!

Now, to the details. Whether your mom deserves jewelry, art, a day at the spa or just a break, this list includes anything and everything she could want:

  1. Flowers – The Classic. They are beautiful and smell amazing! They add a vivacious burst of color to the home.
  2. Oil Paintings – The perfect gift for mom, get her the oil painting she always wanted. It is a really great gift that will remind her of you every time she looks at it. This year, why not give mom a handmade Monet or Renoir… and the bragging rights that go with them. Checkout the Mother’s Day Gallery
  3. Brunch – On Mother’s Day, the kitchen should be “off-limits” for all mothers. Make sure that your mom stays away from the stove by treating her to a pleasant Sunday brunch. If anything, she will be sure to appreciate the lack of dirty dishes.
  4. Give her a Break – She is running low on energy. Mothers are humans and they also need a break! Offer to baby-sit the little one for a night so Mom and Dad can have a night on the town or take the kids for a stroll all afternoon so Mommy can have some rejuvenating “alone time.” Any break from the day to day and she will be forever grateful.
  5. Spend a day together – When is the last time you and Mom took some time to spend an afternoon together? Forget the daily chores for a day, and plan an afternoon to go shopping or go see an art exhibit. Quality time spent will leave a huge grin on her face.
  6. Photographs – Magnificently framed photos can make the most moving gifts, particularly when they are well thought out. You can also treat her to a more timeless work of art – take a photo of her with you or the grandkids and turn it into a handmade oil painting! It is sure to bring many admirers…

So remember, Mother’s Day is Sunday May 14th. Most mothers will be delighted just by you remembering that. Give her a big kiss on the cheek and thank her for being the best mommy in the whole world! That usually works for me…

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