Effects of Color on Claude Monet’s Poppies

Claude Monet painted The Poppy Field, near Argenteuil in 1873. Painted in the wildflower fields outside Argenteuil, this painting reveals Monet’s passion for color. With dabs of reds, he scatters the poppies in a natural abundance through a lush green field.

Poppies, Near Argenteuil, Claude Monet, 1873.
In the foreground, Monet illustrated his darling Camille and their son Jean with simple strokes of violet, black, and white.

In the countryside, a vivid splash of poppies seems to move in a gentle breeze. The position of the poppies seems uncertain. To many viewers, they appear to quiver as the wind blows.

Monet who is unknown as the classic Impressionist, some might say the father of Impressionism, painted not a landscape but the impression of a landscape.

Play with the slider and see how the reds and greens just turn this painting on and give it life.

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