Embrace Soft Pastels in Great Works of Art

A popular new décor trend for 2023 is the return of soft pastel colors in accent pieces and artwork. As more people are striving to create comfort in their surroundings, they are looking for more gentle color pallets. An easy way to bring this into any room of your home is by selecting artwork in soft blues, pinks, and purples. You can find them in landscapes, portraits and still-lifes, so there are options for every style. Here are some of our favorite pieces that feature the relaxing tones and will add a cozy feeling to your paces.

Odilon Redon-Muse on Pegasus

Odilon Redon’s beautiful painting Muse on Pegasus symbolizes an exploration of his feelings and psyche. This gorgeous painting represents the period when pastel and oils became his favored media. The shades of soft color all blend together in a beautiful way that will help your guests relax in its presence.

Vincent Van Gogh-Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass with a Book

When Vincent Van Gogh first arrived in Arles there was little opportunity for painting the expansive natural countryside. So he turned to still life, as in this Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass with a Book. Set against a relatively muted and subdued background, this sprig of life in early bloom symbolizes the beginnings of spring and its pastel palette.

Edgar Degas-Dancers in Pink

There’s something so alluring about ballerinas, which must be why Edgar Degas couldn’t stop painting them. In Dancers in Pink, Degas tackles his favorite subject with close-up figures. This was a bit of a different take on his behind-the-scenes looks at ballet since he often focused on subjects in motion rather than those waiting to take the stage.

Claude Monet-Misty Morning on the Seine

Claude Monet woke up every morning to paint Misty Morning on the Seine (Pink). It was part of a series of paintings he did depicting the Siene near Giverny in different lights. He would capture the moment at the same time very morning and in the same spot along the river. Monet’s gentle brush strokes give this setting a dreamlike quality that the impressionist was known for.

Martin Johnson Heade-Branch of Apple Blossoms Against Cloudy Sky

Among the Impressionists of his time, Martin Johnson Heade was truly a standout artist. His realistic paintings delved into every detail, creating portraits of romantic subjects that looked almost touchable and Branch of Apple Blossoms Against Cloudy Sky is no exception. From the soft pinks of the flowering blossoms, to the gentle blue and gray background, these soft tones will create harmony in any room they hang in.

These are just a few of the wide variety of pieces we have in these sweet colors. Perhaps you can browse out still-life gallery for even more options. We know you still find the perfect piece to refresh your room in the newest trend.

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