Farewell to Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth's painting Christina's World
Artist Andrew Wyeth, most famous for his work, Christina’s World, past away last week at the age of 91. His art portrayed the hidden sorrow of the men and women of Pennsylvania’s Landscape.

Christina’s World shows a crippled woman looking in anguish over her farm house. The painting seems so real, it looks like a photo. Such an amazing talent, Wyeth’s works are portrayed in the MoMA, and incorporated into the popular Blue Man Group act (you have to check it out…). Wyeth even made the famous Snoopy comics: “After a fire in his dog house destroys his Van Gogh, Snoopy replaces it with an Andrew Wyeth…”

My favorite quote of Wyeth is, “Really, I think one’s art goes only as far and as deep as your love goes,” taken from a Life magazine interview in 1965. I think that sums up very well, the passion and obsession of Wyeth with the bare canvas.

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