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As we begin to transition from hot summer days to the cool breezes of autumn, many people are taking this opportunity to explore the open roads. Traveling through the countryside to enjoy watching the changing colors of the leaves has been a long-standing tradition. Since so many things have changed and traveling is now more difficult, we thought we would provide you with some roadside inspiration, from the comfort of your own home. Here are some of our favorite paintings inspired by the roads less traveled.

Paul Cezanne – Turn in the Road

In Turn in the Road, it’s clear to see how he started to bridge the gap between Impressionism and Cubism, leading him to become one of the leading Post-Impressionist painters. Though he masterfully uses light to create dimension, there’s a flat and bold quality to the painting that simply isn’t found in the softer surroundings of a traditional Impressionist landscape. At the same time, Cezanne highlights the complex shapes throughout the painting rather than the natural surroundings, giving the painting a geometric quality. It provides a unique setting for an imaginary drive when you are wanting to escape.

Claude Monet – The Road to Bas-Breau, Fontainebleau

Claude Monet painted the Road to Bas-Breau, Fontainebleau during one of his many visits to the rural French countryside. Similar to the many other landscapes he created, this one used broad brush strokes and bright vivid colors but has a unique viewpoint at the head of the lane. He provides us with a focal point in the distance that draws the eye inward and the rise of the trees on each side of the pathway, gives the painting much more depth than some of his other pieces. It gives the illusion of a breezy and relaxed road to adventure.

Marianne North – Autumn Tints Near Niagara

Autumn Tints Near Niagra is by one of the most famous botanical artists, who most well known for her naturalistic paintings that often feature beautiful landscapes such as this. It is a beautiful landscape painting of a dirt road winding around a bend filled with trees changing color. With the bright and familiar red and orange tones of autumn, this is a perfect depiction of the changing of the colors into fall.

Edward Hopper – Gas

Gas by Edward Hopper depicts the exterior of a classic gas station with a working attendant, providing a look at the old days of full service. There’s a quiet drama to the painting that’s highlighted by the contrast between the natural and artificial lights. Meanwhile, the empty country road evokes a sense of loneliness and possibility all at once. His classic works capture the authenticity of urban and rural American life with emotions and beauty. Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with this amazing piece of art.

Camille Pissarro – Boulevard Montmartre, Spring

Boulevard Montmartre, Spring is treasured for its incredible artistic merit. Camille Pissarro’s fascination with the hustle and bustle along the busy Parisian street is apparent, and he captures that movement and energy perfectly. This piece’s use of color is notable because it reflects a more realistic take on the city and exciting peek into an era in Paris that has long since disappeared. Travel outside your home and through time to a past that was simpler and more beautiful.

Many of these pieces can be found in our landscape gallery, along with other beautiful depictions of the outdoors in any season. Don’t hesitate to browse through them until you find the perfect setting to help you find your own escape from the world.

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