Francisco de Goya oil painting recovered

FBI recovers 228-year-old Goya painting During the transfer from a Museum in Toledo, Ohio to New York’s Guggenheim the 228 year-old painting vanished mysteriously…

The painting was rediscovered in New Jersey after it was stolen from an armored truck that was parked overnight in a hotel parking lot in Stroudsburg, Pa. as it was making its way to New York, on Nov. 8. It had been scheduled to be displayed in the exhibition “Spanish Painting from El Greco to Picasso: Time, Truth, and History,” which opened at the Guggenheim on Nov. 17.

The painting, “Children with a Cart,” that disappeared and rediscovered is estimated to be worth about $1.1 million.

If you have time, stroll down to the Guggenheim and observe this amazing exhibition.

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