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How to choose an oil painting and a corresponding frame

Choose the right art for you
The first step is seemingly easy: select the art you love. Forget about what’s hip or what’s popular. If it excites you, get it. A Monet, a Picasso, a Van Gogh reproduction or simply a beautiful hand painted scenic landscape… anything that lights an artistic spark in your heart.

Choosing the right frame for your masterpiece…
When you’ve finalized what painting you’d like and where to put it, it’s time for framing. Think of frames as the final touch on a piece of artwork, like shoes on a suite, they make all the difference! In general, for larger works, wider frames are more decorative and ornamental, and thinner frames are more contemporary and subtle. Take into consideration how much space you’re trying to fill. If you need the piece to be larger, choose a wider molding. If you’re creating a grouping, you may want to control framing costs by keeping things simple.

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