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Incorporating Abstract Art into your Interior Decor

Kandinsky - Throughgoing Line Interior decor is not just putting a picture on the wall; it’s also about capturing the essence of your mood and style.

Decorating the walls of your home with Abstract art adds touches of elegance and energizes your space. Whether you have a bare space on the wall, or a corner in desperate need of something special, abstract art will work.

Abstract art plays with light and color, shape and function. These paintings and sculptures will allow you to experiment with your modern look. Wassily Kandinsky, who many consider the father of Abstract art, used to paint his oil paintings as if he was writing a symphony: full of geometric shapes, passion and a marvelous flow of color.

Abstract art can add splashes of color and elegance to a room. It is a way to expose your visitors to something different.

Abstract art can also create different mood settings to your home, sophisticated pieces can revitalize your room and give it new meaning. “A white wall is simply a white wall… Add some abstract oil paintings and it becomes a showcase of style,” said Dawn Kail, Director of Style at

If you are struggling to find a center piece for your space, abstract art pieces can provide the perfect focal point. Do not think that you have to situate your furnishings around the pieces. Instead, they add such drama and life that eyes will naturally flow to them. They become the center without effort.

Abstract art captures the elegance of contemporary design while also pushing into other boundaries. It can be playful, dramatic, sleek and exciting, all contained in one piece. Your home will never seem more complete, and more in style.

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