Klimt The Kiss – The Story behind the Passion

This is the first of a series of videos depicting The Private Life of a Masterpiece…

This episode talks about Gustav Klimt and his most famous painting, The Kiss.
If the success of a work of art could be judged by the number of times it is reproduced, then the kiss is arguably the most successful painting in all of western art. The trouble is, the “Kitch” threatens to obliterate the Kiss…

The Kiss is a very sexual painting, it is the peak of an erotic love affair as the moment the lips touch is a moment that is to be cherished forever. We will sacrifice everything for that powerful moment…

But this enigmatic image has a strange story to tell…



I find this video fascinating and I love how it gives so much information about the Masterpiece. It is as if the painting takes life and fills you up with emotions and desires; almost human qualities to an artist creation.

In my opinion, this is the best art related documentary series I have ever encountered. Each episode is about a different masterpiece and they give so much life and volume into each work of art it makes the painting jump at you when you see it in person.

Amitai Sasson

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