Can Art Ever Be More Complete – Mark Rothko

I wanted to share with you this amazing video of Mark Rothko, narrated by Simon Schama, part of “The Power of Art” BBC show, depicting Schama’s impression of Mark Rothko’s Secret paintings at the Tate Modern Museum:

It’s a wonderful tribute to such an influential artist. Rothko’s passionate yet simple creations transcend above the canvas and transport us to a place that only art can take us…

I love how Simon Schama remarks upon viewing the Rothko’s:

Can anything be less cool then this room in the heart of Tate Modern?
Further away from the razzle dazzle of contemporary art, and the Frantic hustle of now?

This isn’t about now, this is about forever. This is a place where you come to sit in the low lights and feel the ions rolling by to be taken towards the gates that open upon the threshold of eternity, to feel the poignancy of our comings and our goings, our entrances and our exists, our births and our deaths, womb tomb and everything in between.

Can Art ever be more complete, more powerful? I don’t think so…

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