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Marsala Announced As Pantone’s New Color of the Year for 2015

World-renowned color authority Pantone announced the new color of the year for the 2015 – Marsala (18-1438)! Named for the earthy, burgundy-hued wine, Marsala is masculine yet feminine. This dramatic shade is full of glamour while still seeming grounded.
The complexity of the color pairs well with neutrals as well as more vivid choices such as aqua or marine blue.

Marsala - 2015 Pantone Color of the Year

While Marsala is 2015’s it color for fashion and home decor, it’s also abundant in the art world. If you’re looking to complement a new Marsala accent wall or upholstery in this color, consider some of these like-hued art options:

  • VG2773-FR-B1581BC20X24
    Crown Imperial Fritillaries in a Copper Vase – This work by Van Gogh includes touches Marsala in vase and table. The thick brush strokes ooze the color, without making it overpowering. This provides an understated compliment to a Marsala-rich room.
    Beech Forest I- The subtle shading of the forest floor in this work by Klimt features the earthy aspects of the color of the year. The overall color scheme melds with the autumn-like coloring of Marsala.
  • EH2792-FR-994820X24
    Blackhead – Hopper’s view of the Maine cliffs highlights Marsala in its natural surroundings. Not only does this painting feature the color of 2015, but it shows just how well it pairs with marine and aqua blues. The rich ocean waves crash against the red-brown cliffs, in the perfect color combination.
  • CZ730-FR-982320X24
    The Gulf of Marseilles – Cezanne’s use of Marsala takes is both grounded and luxuriously vivid. Bordering on brown, the tones in this work light up the canvas and coordinate with your Marsala rom.
    Crescent of Houses- Another outdoor painting that features Marsala rooftops and homes, Schiele’s painting has a warm feel that connects to the neutral side of the color. The golds and yellows bring out the brown side of Marsala, giving the painting an undeniably earthy feel.
  • KLG2143-FR-20530824X36
    The Tree if Life, Stoclet Frieze – Another work by Klimt, this one also features a Marsala-infused color scheme. The browns and reds come together to make a Marsala moment. The striking patters are set against a neutral backdrop, showing how the color of the year works well with beiges and taupes.
  • 2P46L1533820X24-FR-EDBC20X24
    Autumn – Ledent shows how Marsala is the natural color of autumn. The regal beauty of the tress borders on burgundy as this year’s color peaks through. Set next to yellows, oranges and deep browns, the rich maroon hue pops in this outdoor setting.

The understated sophistication of Marsala isn’t an in-your-face pop of color. Instead, the rich burgundy shade is natural, neutral and captivating all at once. Well before Pantone named this year’s top pick, Marsala was in use by some of the most notable artists of all time. So bring home the color of the year in well-regarded works from Van Gogh, Klimt, Hooper and more, no wonder these masters never went out of style.

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