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Matching Floral Paintings to Your Home Decor

Which ever interior décor you display, Floral art can enhance it. There are various kinds of floral art that can suit your interior décor, be it Tuscan Country, Tropical, Modern or Traditional.
Let’s look at how to match floral artworks to your home interior design.

Modern design focuses on light and space. This is a good point to remember. To create contemporary feel in your home, always emphasize on these two factors.

Floral art can match Modern design perfectly. Flowers with natural and bright colors add to the contemporary feel. Try incorporating floral decor like American Painter Georgia O’Keeffe that extenuates shapes in the overall contemporary look.

TraditionalTraditional design accents are wooden flooring and furniture. When you enter an English-styled room, you can feel a sense of romance.

This is why romantic floral art is the perfect fit for this design. Paintings of roses, gardenias, and tulips are suitable for this design.

Tuscan Country
Decorating a Tuscan Country-styled home with floral decor is rather easy. Tuscan Country homes must be associated with wooden furniture and earth tones.

For Tuscan Country homes, Cezanne still life are most excellent. In the kitchen, you can also decorate with the always astonishing Van Gogh Sunflowers series or just simply Wild Sunflowers.

The guide to decorating a Tuscan Country home is to use Floral Decor with either a dried-up look or fresh and alive. With that, you cannot go wrong.


Tropical inspired homes are very popular among the Asian community. Not much colors are involved and usually the home has an outdoor feeling and very airy.

To match this style, use paintings of orchids and birds of paradise. These flowers will certainly complete your tropical home with elegance. Palm trees and ferns are also good choices.
Overall, floral art can go great with any décor. Oil paintings of flowers are so vibrant, you can actually smell it! Spring up your décor with floral art.

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