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Merging Art and Entertainment: Pokemon Go! and Van Gogh Museum

Often, people combine modern pop culture with classic art to bring in a new audience for both. Sometimes it can give younger patrons a reason to become interested in the classics. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is hoping that a new partnership with the popular online game, Pokemon Go! Will help them to reach a younger audience. From now until January of 2024, the Van Gogh museum will be running a new campaign featuring the Pokemon Go! characters and offering incentives for the game players to visit the museum.

Pokemon Go! Is a popular game where players go to real world location to catch game characters. Many businesses use the accessibility of the game to being in new customers and enhance their own visibility. That can now be applied to the Van Gogh Museum. They are offering exclusive promo cards, are displaying artworks that feature game character in famous artworks by Van Gogh and have even created a commercial that is airing that features the characters.

The museum hoped that this will draw in visitors to the museums. Specifically parents and their 8 year old that can now play the game while running down the corridors of this breathtaking museums. This is a part of the Van Gogh Museum’s 50th Anniversary celebration!

Initial indications show that this is a raging success! The Van Gogh Museum store was absolutely raided and stripped of all merchandise related to the limited time collaboration.

If you are not able to get to the Van Gogh Museum while they are enjoying this partnership, you can still enjoy art by the famous painter by viewing our Vincent van Gogh gallery. We even feature a few collages that combine his works with other well-known artists, for something fresh. We know that there is a perfect piece for everyone in that gallery.

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