Mona Lisa or Mama Lisa

DaVinci's Mona LisaLeonardo’s portrait of the young wife of a Florentine silk merchant, painted between 1503 and 1506, is so famous and popular that the Louvre has given it its own gallery and keeps it in a special humidity- and temperature-controlled box, protected from harm, and admirers by a double layer of fireproof, and bulletproof glass.

A research conducted last September on the most prized possession of the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Mona Lisa, has revealed some very interesting facts.

The team of researchers who examined Leonardo’s masterpiece concluded that the Mona Lisa was pregnant. They came to this conclusion by exploring her garments that were hidden underneath a thick layer of dirt. The researchers said that the Mona Lisa is wearing fine, gauzy veil attached to a white bonnet. Such garments were typically worn by Italian Renaissance women when they were pregnant.

The Mona Lisa painting is so old and it has been through quiet a lot. It is not only a very beautiful painting, but also a very dirty one as the actual work is full of dirt. It is hard to follow the traitorous rode of the Mona Lisa, we do know that it was housed in the steamy atmosphere of a French king’s bathroom for some time. In addition, the painting was even reported stolen.

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