Most painted woman in the world

Suzy Solidor - de LempickaBorn in Deauville France, Suzy Rocher later changed her name to Suzy Solidor when she moved to Paris in the late 1920’s. Early in 1930 she became a popular singer and opened a chic nightclub called Boite de Nuit.

One of the singer’s most famous publicity stunts was to become known as the “most painted woman in the world”. She posed for some of the greatest known artists of the day including Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Her stipulation for sitting was that she would be given the paintings to hang in her club and by this time she had accumulated thirty-three portraits of herself. Boite de Nuit became one of the trendiest night spots in Paris.

Solidor’s most famous portrait was done by Tamara de Lempicka.

Solidor met Tamara de Lempicka sometime in the early thirties and Suzy asked the artist to paint her. Tamara agreed, but only if she could paint Solidor in the nude. Solidor agreed and the rest is history…

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