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Need to buy wall art for your office, Follow these simple steps

More handmade oil paintings are being sold in the United States than ever before. Business owners and office managers are discovering the tremendous advantages of having high quality art on their walls. Decorating with handmade paintings shows you care for your employees, provide a soothing and motivating environment, and increases creativity.

An inexpensive way to show you really care about your employees is by investing in their work area. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through wall décor. It has been proven that office art boosts morale, improves productivity, and is a source of inspiration for creativity and collaboration. Purchasing wall decor can be a fun, interactive and rewarding task. However, you will probably find yourself staring at a painting for quite some time, so it would be beneficial to consider what fits your company before you dive in. These are the key factors.

Budget – How much are you willing to invest in your wall décor? Depending on the amount of wall décor you need, look at your budget and decide how much to invest. Consider the following 3 aspects when deciding:

  • Measure wall space – This will determine the size and distribution of art
  • Employee and customer expectations – What is the quality that is expected by stakeholders?
  • Return on investment (ROI) – Investing in art is the same as any other business investment there must be a return. And though it is hard to measure at times, art on your walls will undoubtedly improve overall employee productivity.

Dimensions – You will want to ensure that you purchase paintings that are of appropriate dimensions for your office. Measure up the bare walls in your office before making purchasing decisions. Oil paintings that are 40 inches wide and above will be highly noticeable and can control a room. Smaller and more delicate works can be combined together on a wall. It is common to buy one large piece with corresponding two or three smaller pieces all from the same artist or subject.

Color scheme – You must ensure the colors of the oil paintings correspond to your existing office decor. Handmade oil paintings have vibrant texture and color; you can feel as if the painting is literally emerging out of its frame. Artists use a palette of colors that is unique to them and becomes a part of their style. You may just find an artist with a color scheme that suits your decor perfectly.

Stylize – Conform to a particular style. Deciding on a characteristic mode of expression can be a very difficult task. Remember that you are decorating the whole office, not just your personal space. What message is the company trying to convey? If your company stands for conservative values consider an artist such as Monet the true impressionist or Kinkade the artist of light. Both painters have the traditional touch with breathtaking landscapes and color scheme.

If you are a part of a young and aspiring company, you should consider more modern oil paintings such as Dali or Kandinsky. Their contemporary style makes them a popular choice. They add the sense of flair to your organization that sets you apart from your competitors. Another great choice would be Mark Rothko, the New York expressionist artist. His simple yet sophisticated oil paintings are adored by both young and old.

It is also very important to take your clients under consideration; their culture and background should be a part of your choice. If you do business with the Far East, you should consider adopting a dash of oriental mood into your décor especially in a waiting or conference room.

Finally, consult with your colleagues. The paintings will go in certain personal spaces and will affect the work environment of your entire team. Narrow the field down to only a few options and pass it around the office. This should be a decision that everybody takes part in, and then when the art arrives it is exciting for the whole team.

With these specifications you can start researching right now. There is an abundance of resources online for you to look at and take advantage of. is a recognized source of office décor that may be suitable for you. It has a great selection of handmade oil paintings and wonderful interface and support to help you make the right buying decisions.

Buying oil paintings for your office has never been easier, enjoy it and bring the inspiration of art into your workspace.

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