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Bank Replaces Prints with Handmade Oil Paintings

A California bank has decided to redecorate 30 branches with artworks selected by its employees.mountains at st remy with dark cottage 30x40

Fireside Bank will decorate with handmade oil paintings in order to create a fresh working environment for employees and an exceptional atmosphere for customers.

The bank consulted with OverstockArt in order to match the existing décor of the branches with the paintings.

The artworks include reproductions of famous artists and other masterpieces all hand-done with oil on canvas. See

untitled Kandinsky 20x24 “Handmade oil paintings portray the bank in a first-class manner to our clients and employees,” said Gary Malinski spokesperson for Fireside Bank. “We decided to incorporate oil paintings and replace the current prints because OverstockArt’s artworks were significantly more impressive and their price is well within our budget.”

During the redesign phase, the managers and employees of each branch were the ones making the final decisions when choosing the wall art for their local office. Fireside Bank’s corporate management was able to maintain a consistent corporate look by narrowing down the selection of paintings and frames.

“OverstockArt built an online catalog for us so that the branch managers were able to choose from a predetermined selection helping to create a consistent corporate image across all of our branches,” Malinski cannas 36x48

The Fireside team took a modern design approach. The list of oil paintings to choose from included trendy and modern oil paintings such as Abstract Compositions and reproductions of some of the more famous works of art, such as Van Gogh paintings, a few Kandinsky, and even one Georgia O’Keeffe.

“Our oil paintings will help create a relaxing and productive work environment for their employees and customers,” Said David Sasson CEO of OverstockArt, “soon clients and employees of Fireside will enjoy a unique work environment full of color and inspiration.”

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