Now Available: Customized Art Reproductions

Turning photos into handmade oil paintings, a new online service any art enthusiast should know.

OverstockArt has a new service allowing customers to recreate any family photograph or an image of a hard-to-find art piece into a vibrant handmade oil painting.

OverstockArt’s new “Custom Art” Service lets customers select artwork or a family portrait that they want to turn into a handmade oil painting. To start the process, customers simply go to and review the information. Customers have a full range of options including the art, the colors, the size and any additional detail.

“This service is great for all those customers that are looking for a particular piece of art which they can’t find or clients that want to turn a regular photo into a handmade masterpiece” said David Sasson, CEO of

OverstockArt’s new Custom Art service is stylish, fun and available for a great price. So the next time you wish to own a handmade Picasso or would just like to commemorate your family portrait for the generations to come, use the new OverstockArt Custom Art service to express yourself with style.

“Creating a custom artwork just wasn’t cost-effective before OverstockArt,” said Dawn Kail, director of style at OverstockArt. “Having an artist paint your family portrait was considered a luxury for the rich. With this service, OverstockArt is offering a luxury item at an affordable price.”

In addition to the Custom Art service, OverstockArt offers a large selection of handmade reproductions of the greatest artworks in history. Artists include Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, Salvador Dali and many more. All of the artworks are handmade on the highest grade canvas. All oil paintings can be customized with museum quality frames.

Customers can view the paintings framed against their wall color. These oil paintings can be received in as little as three business days unlike the custom art that takes 6 to 8 weeks to create.

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