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Oil Paintings Spark Colors in your Emotions

Emotions and ColorsHave you ever been sad on a gray cloudy day? Have you ever felt whimsical walking through a colorful autumn forest? How about silly and spontaneous in the bright yellow sunshine? Odds are, you probably have.

Colors effect our emotions. In fact, it’s been documented that colors can affect our pituitary glands, which in turn can change hormone production and mood alteration. And it’s not just in natural settings this phenomenon occurs. Often we even find emotional connection to artificial color, like in a painting.

For homeowners and art lovers, adding or changing wall art in a room or office can create new emotional experiences for guests and owners alike. The key is finding great art on a budget that can achieve this while still adhering to the “look for less” philosophy.

When choosing art, be careful. There’s some bad wall art out there. You don’t want to end up with an orange “waiting room” painting that makes your guests feel like they’re at the doctor’s office. Your safest bet might be to simply stick with the classics – they’re always in style, and they’re always tastefully elegant.

But classic gallery art costs a bundle, so reproduction wall art may be your best bet. Adding a reproduction of a dark classic like Van Gogh’s Starry Night can bring a sense of heaviness and cool to a room, while a colorful Monet might create a sense of lightheartedness.

Reproductions like this are not hard to find. Companies like, the web’s leading producer of reproduction oil paintings and frames, offer hundreds of different paintings for different occasions. Finding the right colors and the right painting is just a mouse click away.

Consider your home and the mood you want to set not only for yourself, but for your family and your guests. Then think colors. A vibrant new painting might be all it takes to turn a dreary day outside into a happy day inside.

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