Paris To Recognize the Art of Tim Burton

Tim Burton has broken down barriers when it comes to creativity. His unique characters and settings have created a whirlwind of emotions in viewers of all ages. Burton’s work will be featured in Paris thanks to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) at the Cinémathèque Française where all can see how his work has evolved over the years and see into Burton’s twisted mind. The show will feature over 700 pieces of Burton’s work including the beginning drawings of now famous characters and will be on exhibit until Sunday, August 5th.

Paris Recognizes Tim Burton’s WorkBurton grew up in a suburban home in California, and from the time he was a young child he has always been interested in things that were a little abnormal. While other children were out playing, Burton was busy drawing robots and long-toothed monsters. Thanks to Burton’s ingenious mind, we now have well-known characters such as Jack Skellington, Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissor Hands, and many more unique and twisted individuals.

Inspiration came to Burton through a few different outlets. Some of his influences include Vincent Price, Edgar Allen Poe, and Walt Disney. Each of these influences used different Medias and methods, but still played a big part into how Burton used them to further his own career. Burton was able to combine these unique sources and use them as a canvas for his creative designs. While he did use many of these artists for inspiration, he also has a love for the classics. When he first began drawing his disturbing characters he looked back into the German Expressionism era. The disturbing images that were portrayed acted as a gateway to a darker world for the young Burton.

Tim Burton's Art influenced by Great MatersYou can notice similarities between Burton’s art and classical paintings by artists such as Vincent Van Gogh. In his famous work Starry Night , one can’t help but to notice the dark and mysterious feeling created. The scene portrayed is very similar to a lot of the settings that Burton has created in his own works. The Scream by Edvard Munch also looks very similar to Burton’s characters. The deformed screaming figure and eerie feeling given off by the setting is something that Burton is very familiar with.

MOMA is excited to show of the creative mind that is Tim Burton and allow viewers to dive into the beginnings of what made this director the creative monster he is today. Viewers also get to see the artwork that Burton has created over the years and see the unique side to his beloved stories that we have all come to know and love.

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