Artist Series: Paul Cezzane

Paul Cezanne

Cezanne - Still LifeCezanne paintings, the works of French painter Paul Cezanne are referred to as post Impressionist. Heavily influenced by the Impressionist painters of his time (late 19th and early 20th centuries), Cezanne paintings were heavy, somber and violent, though sometimes romantic.

Cezanne was carefully isolated during his lifetime and his paintings reflect that isolation. He is considered one of the foremost forerunners of modern painting. Where Cezanne paintings excelled was in their exacting look at nature and their unique treatment of the elements of color, mass and space.

A close personal friend of the writer Emile Zola, Cezanne grew up in the south of France. Here he studied law for two years while still taking painting and drawing classes. Determined to pursue his own Cezanne paintings call, he went to Paris two years later to be with Zola.

Cezanne has been a very popular choice on and in the Auctions Houses where his paintings have been reaching sky-high numbers this year.

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