Artist Series: Paul Gauguin – Making an Impression

Gauguin - Jacob fighting the angelGauguin paintings were heavily influenced by Impressionism.
1888 marked the year of the birth of the Paul Gauguin’s paintings style he is most noted for. It became his trademark. These Gauguin paintings were bold, with colors that were unreal, mystic subjects and large areas that were very flat. Gauguin’s most famous of paintings, Vision After the Sermon, is a typical painting for this time in his life and his paintings.

Japanese two-dimensional art clearly had a significant impact on Gauguin paintings. In fact, most Impressionist and post Impressionist painters of that era were heavily influenced by Japan and its artistry on canvas.

Night CafeGauguin then traveled to the city of Arles in France, working with Vincent Van Gogh for a short time. They became great friends and made a series of paintings together. A great example would have to be the Night Cafe at Arles. Most interesting to compare the interpretation of both masters to the same scene.
It was during this time, with quarrels and turbulence between the two men becoming frequent that Van Gogh cut off his ear lobe and suffered a nervous breakdown. Gauguin retreated to Paris.

When will you MarryHe later lived in poverty in Tahiti, completing several dozen Gauguin paintings. Gauguin painted the people and the life on the island with so much passion, you could see the love he had for the people and the place.

Many remember Gauguin for this period of his life and these works are a testament to the beautiful and exotic culture of the Caribean. There are many memorable oil paintings of Gauguin from that period. One that stands out is Woman with a Mango. Unfortunatley, He died in poverty and ill health on the tropical island.

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