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Paul Signac: Co-founder of Pointillism in the Art World

Portrait of Felix FeneonPaul Signac was a French artist who was born and lived in Paris his whole life. His birthday will be celebrated on the 11th of November. He trained as an architect before deciding to pursue his passion for painting. The Mediterranean coast is a major theme in his work because he spent a great deal of time painting while he was on a boat. Although he never lived there, he spent a great deal of time along the French coast and believed that to be the perfect place for inspiration. In his private life, Signac supported Anarchist ideas and never married.

Inspired by artists Claude Monet and George Seurat, whom he met, Signac pursued the art movement of Pointilism. He also joined his artist friends to form Société des Artistes Indépendants, which held many prominent art exhibits in experimental techniques. Signac enjoyed using different forms of art, including watercolors, oil and etchings. As one of the few artists who experience great success financially during his career, he was able to build himself a large studio in order to work. All the way up until his death, he made it a point to help support new artists, including people like Henri Matisse.

The Pine Tree at Saint Tropez

As you browse through the Paul Signac gallery, you will notice his unique use of color and perspective in every piece. The soft colors enhance the feeling of intimacy in Place des Lices and The Pine Tree at Saint Tropez. Admire the broad view of the ships in The Port of Saint Tropez, The Port of Rotterdam, or the Lagoon of Saint Mark. Even the portraits he does have a unique look due to his Pointillist approach, such as the Portrait of Felix Feneon or Femme a L Ombrella. We are sure that you will find the perfect piece to help you celebrate this amazing artist for his birthday.

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