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Redecorating The Office: Focusing On Artwork

Boardwalk Empire - Office Art if Important even if you work out of a suite at the Ritz Whether you run a major cooperation, rent a suite at the Ritz (Boardwalk Empire reference) or work from home, your environment is important for a productive work day. That, and maintaining your sanity.

There are many options to choose from when considering an aesthetic and functional appeal. Keep it modern and simple, with clean lines and open cabinets for the non-confidential materials. The theory is that most of us try to hide our messes and if we see how horrible our office looks, we will begin to “clean office” and keep it that way. There has to be an order to the chaos, and that order must suit you.

A simple way to distill the chaos and find a direction is choosing one element to focus on, such as artwork. At, we have a list of our most popular choices for office art. You can also search for an original reproduction of a famous artist that suits your professional personality.

Take these three paintings:

1. Paris After the Rain

If you are looking to evoke a feeling of romance, finery, and leisure, Paris After the Rain, would be a viable choice. I see this painting placed inside a fine restaurant over a two-top table for a couple, or in an office that doesn’t get much of a view. Cherry furniture, or wood with a dark finish, would suit the office nicely, particularly in a conference room. Accents of orange and red will compliment the painting, or a satin blue (colors that remind you of rain) would make the artwork be the focus of the room with contrasting colors.

2. Poppy Field in Argenteuil, Claude Monet

Claude Monet Poppie Field in Argentuil
Poppy Field in Argenteui by Claude Monet is a classic choice of artists for their studios and certainly would provide inspiration for florists and landscape architects in their creations. Monet’s studio in Giverny was where he spent much of his old age as an artist and rendered his greatest works. Such a painting is wonderful to draw inspiration or for a professional who would like to be reminded of beauty in their environment. Again, if your view is of a brick wall, a poppy field would add zest to your work space. The vibrant red of the poppies would work nicely in a room painted in a country yellow or similar red.

3.Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali

salvador dali - creativity bursting at the seems

Whether you despise or love time, Dali’s melting watches over a desert landscape are certainly unique and attention grabbing. A popular choice, simplicity and shades of one or two colors would work nicely with this work of art. Dali was a forerunner in the Surrealist movement, which reevaluates perceptions of our so-called reality. If you have a particular since of humor, you could place this in a waiting room if you expect your clients will have some time on their hands to peruse magazines.

These three paintings are simple suggestions to get you started. You can search by artist, style, subject, or season at for an affordable and original reproduction. What look are you considering for your office?

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