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Running a Gallery, it’s a woman’s world…

galleryWoman have always been known to have an impact on the art world, but it was always through their passion and talent, not their managerial skills. However, the impact that women have on the art world is starting to shift over to the business side as well. There are more and more women that run contemporary art and oil paintings galleries all across the world, according to Alice Rawsthorn, a Design critic for The Guardian, which wrote a compelling article on why women do so well running their galleries.

Apparently, women have the right skill sets to take care of the artists, the artworks and have the patience and stamina to look at the big picture as a business owner.
The ability to multi-task is something that every entrepreneur should posses, however, as a gallery owner you need to be ready and take part in tasks that force you to get down and dirty. Read the “Space Women” article and get inspired, may be you could become an art gallery owner one day…

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