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Summer Décor – Some helpful tips

There are some general décor tips that help you immensely when you want to know how to summer up your home. Summer décor tips in general suggest that you choose fabrics and art that are light colored and uplifting.

Here are several specific décor tips that tell you step-by-step how to summer up your home. Some of these tips also tell you how to warm up your home and then the ways in which to lighten back up for spring and summer.

When the cold weather hits, for example, you’ll want a warm, fluffy, fuzzy throw collection to place in various spots on your furniture so you can snuggle. In spring and summer the décor tip is to simply replace them with soft cotton or silk in pastels and other light or even day glow bright colors.

In the dark days of frost you’ve probably added a duvet filled with down to your bed. As summer comes along, you should consider substituting this duvet with a Matalasse bed cover of light cotton or just a light summery looking cotton blanket.

If you’ve filled your home during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with gourds and cattails and pine and the other fall and winter color arrangements simply put these away for the coming spring and summer season, replacing them with bright sunny colored flowers, butterfly and bird arrangements, with plenty of white. Replace your brass and your dark colored pottery and bring out vases made of glass and crystal.

If you have decorative artworks and oil paintings in your living room, great room, den and so forth and they’re darker with a winter look. One of the spring and summer home décor tips would be to either bring up bright colored art and oil paintings with spring themes such as Floral, Seascapes, or simply hang that Monet back up again, that will surely bring in the winds of summer.

Part of your home décor, spring, summer, fall and winter, may be a finely crafted breakfront or cabinet. During the winter you might display your best holiday design dishes. Now is the time to bring out the precious and delicate floral china that’s been in the family for centuries.

When it comes to window treatments, the least costly décor tip we can offer is to have reversible drapes made, one side with cold weather materials and colors, the other with lighter colors, and brighter fabric patterns.

A great décor tip for the look of summer in your home is an easy to follow and very inexpensive idea – pick up a few home decorating and garden magazines, whose covers are full of bright flower and garden sights and place them easily viewable on your coffee table or other central spot in your main room.

Two tips to keep in mind as you try to figure out how to summer up your home is that these décor changes don’t have to happen overnight nor is there a hard and fast rule that says you have to wait until the birds are chirping in the sun outside your door before you start summering up your home. Do a little at a time. The first décor change to spring and summer will lighten your mood and inspire you to take the second one a little bit later. And if you have the winter doldrums, and if April showers seem to include the month of May, make your changes early. Pretend it’s Summer and your home will think it is too.

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