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Ten Tips to decorate for Autumn

Cool breezes, warm colors, hearty aromas! A time for the harvest and for surrounding yourself with the beauty of the changing season. Autumn is my favorite time of the year! Outdoors is where I like to be in these months, so when it’s time to come back in, I like for my interior to reflect the wholesome harvest season. Check out these ten home decorating tips for bringing your seasonal senses alive this Autumn!

1. In cooler months, you need warmer colors! Look all around you to discover the harvest colors—pumpkin, cinnamon, amber, wine reds, harvest golds, nutty browns, deep salmon, etc.

2. Time to switch out that summer décor! Bring back the ornate picture frames, deeper colored throw pillows, and warmer fabrics. These items can warm up an interior when the temperature outside is dropping!

3. For my entire life, my Mother has always burned special candles in the Fall. Candles are a must! Cinnamon Bun, Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice, Biscotti, Maple…Talk about awakening your senses!

4. Baskets symbolize giving, and Autumn is the beginning of the giving season. Ancient beliefs say that the Harvest is a time to give offerings to nature. Fill beautiful wicker baskets with leaves, twigs, or fruits! They will be a great addition to your décor.

5. Bittersweet, yarrow, berry vines, pumpkins, gourds, golden pears, dark red apples, nuts of all sorts, artificial leaves, and flowers are some other great filling ideas for baskets, shelves, bowls, and vases around the house.

6. Pull out the nature-inspired rugs, tabletop, and linens. Berries, fruits, cornucopias, stripes, and patterns in any of the previously mentioned colors!

7. Switch your drapes or blinds. Prepare to keep the cold out, and do it in style! Vintage laces and crochets are a great addition to your seasonal window treatments.

8. The trees seem to age in this season. Follow that theme by switching some of your metallic furnishing (frames, lamps, chimes, hardware) from silver to brass and rust.

9. PATTERNS ARE BACK!!!! Put away your summer solids and geometrics and bring out the inviting patterns. Check out!

10. Not many people I know can afford to repaint their walls with the changing seasons! If not, reinvent by changing out your artwork. Check out for affordable and abundant choices for your Autumn décor. Van Gogh’s Rest From Work, or Wheat field, Klimts Beech Forest, and O’Keefe’s Two Pears and Single Calla Lily are just a few ideas! Happy Harvest and Happy Decorating!!

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