The most amazing Gauguin I have ever seen!

I recently read a really interesting article in the New York Times regarding this years European Fine Art Fair that was held in the Netherlands during March.

One of the stars was an important 1896 Gauguin, “Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife,” painted in Tahiti and based on a late-18th-century drawing by the neo-Classical painter Prud’hon. During his travels, Gauguin was known to have carried reproductions of Western and Oriental works of art that he used for inspiration.

Nearby was another rendition of the same Old Testament story, this one by the Italian Baroque painter Francesco Solimena, dating from 1689-90.

Joseph and Potiphar's Wife

The price difference between the two paintings was striking. $25 million for the Gauguin Post-Impressionist work, and $2 million for the old-master version.

Collectors are starting to notice the difference in price between the 17th-century and 19th- and 20th-century works. Johnny Van Haeften, the London old-master dealer, said he had noticed that “modern collectors are beginning to buy old masters,” in part because “they can see how cheap they are.”

Not cheep enough if you ask me… I definitley fell in love with the Gauguin, let me know if you like it also…

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