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Munch the Scream suffers irreparable damage

According to the 200 page curator report that has been submitted on Thursday to the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway, the famous Edvard Munch oil painting masterpiece, the scream, that was stolen in August 2004 and recovered two years later in August 2006, has suffered a great deal of damage.

The most harmful damage of all is the water absorptions in the corners of the paper board.

“The Scream” is probably the best known masterpiece of the Norwegian painter. The scream is an emotionally charged work and was a major influence on the Expressionist movement. In the painting, a figure is screaming or hearing a scream. The image has become an icon of human anxiety.

According to the museum spokeswomen, it is unclear how long it will take until the Munch masterpiece is back on display, lets just hope that it will not loose from its grace and powerful emotions.

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