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Tips and ideas to decorate your bedroom

When decorating a bedroom, rest and romance are the first things that come to mind. For me, a romantic and calming bedroom has a way of washing away life’s stresses.

Remember when decorating your bedroom in your own unique style and taste, that your bed will be the focal point, so make it as pleasing and comfortable as possible…

Try the decorating ideas below to create the romantic sanctuary you’ve always dreamed about:

  1. Paint the room with earth tones. Consider adding texture and depth to the walls with faux painting or rubber stamping.
  2. Bed covers should be quality cotton sheets in solid colors or patterns that reflect your décor. Top your bed with a comforter or feather bed to add an extra layer of comfort.
  3. Keep your bedroom organized and stylized. Nothing kills romance faster than a messy bed…
  4. Don’t get a bed that is too big for the room.
  5. No bed is complete without a large stack of pillows. Have them in any shape and size that you see fit while keeping your bed comfortable and your décor clean.
  6. Consider using low lighting for a cozy, romantic feel, but don’t neglect the personal light for reading. Consider candlelight for romantic evenings.
  7. Hang your favorite oil paintings in complimenting frames. The art in your bedroom should be moving and uplifting while matching your décor. My bedroom favorites would have to be Renoir and Monet.
  8. To round out the senses, have music and favorite aromatherapy oil scents to create the ultimate mood enhancers.
  9. As always, don’t be afraid to experiment. Play around with layers, colors and interesting textures to bring your room to life.

Hopefully this list gives you some good ideas to start changing around your current décor, and making your bedroom into a sanctuary from you daily chores and a true romantic hideout.

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