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Tips for Blending His and Her Wall Décor in a New Home

A mover’s truck drops off parcels of his and her stuff at the new residence – as they stare and wonder how to pull it all together…

The following is a list of decorating tips to newlyweds on how to blend their tastes to ensure that their new home becomes a house of style both would love and cherish.

  1. Remember, that your décor is like your relationship, so don’t worry about matching up: Mix it up, and follow your decorating instinct with what suits both your moods and passion.
  2. Delve into this as a couple. Take an afternoon to sit together on the sofa and scan magazines, blogs and TV programs. Discuss your friends’ tastes and wall décor finds. Get design inspiration and a common starting point.
  3. Come to an understanding of what décor identity you want to pursue in every room. While you’d love to have your style and emotions in every room, it is important that you will consult with him about what he likes, so he will take pride in what you did together with the place.
  4. Be realistic in setting spending limits and work within them. First step: List what’s needed most. It is important to know how many pieces of art you need. Decide on the medium; you can choose from posters, prints, lithographs or handmade oil paintings. If you intend on framing your wall décor, the difference in costs is negligible. Go with what you love and ask as you shop – do you want this wall décor to be with you forever? Probably, if you pickup handmade oil paintings thay will be with you for generations.
  5. Be positive at all times, if you like saescapes and your spouse abstract, rejoice in discovering you both prefer lighter tones and color schemes.
  6. Most couples consist of one décor-conscious and one “it’s just a picture” spouse. While one partner may be driving most decisions, for both of you to enjoy your new home and take pride in it, involve the other. Don’t forget – it’s their home, too.

Hope this helps you get started, remember that it’s fun and don’t be afraid to work toghther on this one.

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