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Hanging Art on your Walls

hanging art on your wallNo buts about it… canvas art revitalizes your decor like no other decor essentials can. The art on your wall defines your taste and who you are to the world. It sets your home apart from any other and is the focal point of your perspective.

Where should I hang my Art?
I love to search out possible hanging locations. My favorite is to develop a grouping of oil paintings. In order to develop a grouping you must first test out your collection on the floor by laying out the paintings. As a rule, larger art pieces tend to look better on top with smaller ones below it. If you are trying to achieve a simplistic, contemporary look then I suggest lining the paintings in an orderly fashion. I don’t like offsetting of artworks in a collection; it tends to cause my eyes to twitch…

How high should I hang my Art?
One common miss conception about hanging art is the hanging height. I constantly hear that “artwork must be hung at eye level”. It’s simply not true. Artworks should be arranged and placed according to what’s around them.
It is true that if your walls are 18 feet high, pictures should hang just about six feet off the ground. However, when placing an oil painting over furniture, art should be hung about 6 inches above it. Leave more room above sofas and headboards. And remember, lines tend to conflict above arched furniture.

Hanging the Art
Ingredients: a tape measure, a hammer and small nails. If the art is heavy, you’ll need wall anchors, two per artwork. Some people use picture hangers with integrated hooks, which are somewhat inexpensive and effective, for me a nail always does the trick.

  1. Use a pencil to mark the top of the frame.
  2. The painting should come with hanging wire on the back, but if it doesn’t cut up a piece of crosswire and clamp it to the frame using heavy-duty staples.
  3. Measure the distance from the top of the frame to the nail crosswire. This is where you insert the nail on the wall.

The art on your walls will make you feel more at home. It is a great way to show everyone your taste and your passion.

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