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Top 10 Instagram Art Profiles to Follow

overstockArt on InstagramThe Instagram debate is well known, especially amongst conventional art world and photography. Purists are chocked by a generation looking at masterpieces through a smart phone, tired by over saturated filters and the quick spread of ‘fauxtographers’. Truth is that platforms like these have been disrupting the conventional art world, but also attracting new public to all kinds of artistic expression. And while some discuss about it, others just take the chance to spread their worlds with their fingertips. Here are some good examples:

  • elobow@elbowtoe, is a street artist bringing walls to life all over the world in the past decade. His sophisticated language translates to large-scale public canvas or gallery scales, with an impeccable artistry and intriguing narrative.
  • @oleknyc, a Polish artist known by her epic crochet creations. Her art and madness unravel into knitted forms, massive installations, covering her world with bright and powerful patterns, turning the ephemeral into reality.
  • @hankwthomas is a photo conceptual artist that focus his art on themes as identity, history and popular culture. Is a great catch for instagram, with his tidy layouts and well-framed shots.
  • anabag@anabagayan expresses in oil, charcoal or colored pencil and she often integrates dried plants and found objects. She can contain the moonlight in a fallen leaf, or display collections of little girls with big misty-eyes, magic and petite as fallen fairies, aliens and mystic beings.
  • @gaiastreetart shares his energetic nature from buildings to galleries. Worldwide known for surprising the public with street murals with a play on human, myth and symbolic animal figures, bringing a shamanic vibe and a hint of the lost human connections to nature.
  • jaybomonk@jaybomonk is a French artist fighting passionately against the ugliness of perfection. He started in street art and today he is dedicated to fine arts, as well as his fashion label “Iriedaily” and the co-founded culture and fashion magazine “Style and the Family Tunes”.
  • Shepard Fairey, known as Obey Giant @obeygiant, is a designer with a hint of viral and propaganda. Mostly known by his sticker campaign explained as an experiment in Phenomenology. He aims that his work inspires artists everywhere to freely create without reprisal.
    @maxripo is known by his interior and exterior art, photography, installations and absolutely beautiful graffiti style typography inspired by local signs and insignia all over the world.
  • @overstockart is our own Instagram account where we try and keep our followers updated regarding trends and stories int he art world via images… If you are more into traditional oil paintings such as Impressionism, @overstockart has some great imagery to share. In addition we have the Artist Become collection of contemporary art, so there is basically something for everyone.
    @hensethename, known by Hense, began his career painting and writing on walls in Atlanta and today he is an international award-winning public artist. His work is recognized from the big installations to smaller canvas in galleries, from public art to public speaking.

Get inspired and feel free to share with us some names on your list. Maybe next article will feature some of your favorite art – if not your own, who knows?

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