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Top 5 Most Popular Oil Paintings for Father’s Day announced today the top 5 must-have oil paintings for Father’s Day 2013 to help dads create their perfect man cave.

“When a dad is elegant and tasteful, his man-cave should probably fit the part,” said David Sasson, CEO of “We love sharing our unique insights and customer favorites with the art world to help art lovers know what’s cool and trending for their space, and what would make the perfect gift for the elegant dad this Father’s Day.”

The Father’s Day Top 5 list was accumulated based on traffic to the website of dads in the US only, measured in the past 12 months. According to the analytics gathered, the works of art listed above were most sought after among dads in the US.

The Top Five oil paintings for Father’s Day include:

  1. “Bullfight” by Edouard Manet – Bullfight is an impressionist painting by Edouard Manet that captures the action and moment of the Spanish corrida. French painter Manet was a key artist in the transition from Realism to Impressionism.
  2. “Going Out” by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait – Going Out is a beautiful painting of a hunter and his dog in the heat of the hunt. Fitzwilliam Tait was best known for his ability to capture wildlife using his traditional oil painting style, and earthy tones.
  3. “Card Players with Pipes” by Paul Cezanne – Considered by many to be the most expensive oil painting ever sold! This old west style painting with cowboy gentleman card players is sure to be the right move for a real man’s man. Paul Cezanne is identified today as the most dominant influence in the abstraction of modern art.
  4. “Gas” by Edward Hopper – First created in 1940, this painting depicts the exterior of a gas station with a working attendant. Hopper’s classic works capture the authenticity of urban and rural American life with emotions and beauty that have placed them among the lasting and popular images of the American 20th-century landscape.
  5. “Boats at St Marie’s” by Van Gogh – created in 1888 this piece shows Van Gogh’s restless spirit and depressive mental state paired with great joy and, sadly, equally great despair. Known as a prolific Post-Impressionist, he produced many paintings that were heavily biographical.

There are many more art choices dads will love at our “Gifts for Dads” art gallery:

In addition, another great gift for dad this Father’s Day would be a family photo rendered as an oil painting through a commissioned artist. has partnered with artists around the world to create hand-painted replicas of your favorite family moments. The “Turn Photo into Hand-Painted Art” is a favorite among gift-givers this Father’s Day.

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