Transcend with Marc Chagall Art

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, one of the most solemn days of the year for the Jewish people around the world. I wanted to dedicate this day to Marc Chagall and his works of art that depict so beautifully the life of the Jewish people back then in Eastern Europe.

This is a short animation film inspired and ignited by the works and symbolism of Marc Chagall:

The animation of this film shows the symbolic denotation of Marc Chagall paintings. See my previous post on Marc Chagall’s Symbolism to understand what each of these symbols actually portrays.

About the Author

Amitai Sasson of is an art world traveler on a mission to seek out the beauty and passion of the art world. As an avid enthusiast of art and oil paintings, he contributes to as Chief editor and writer.