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Trend Setting: How Office Art Improves Productivity

Have you ever considered the impact of décor in your work environment? Why do successful companies invest so much in something that doesn’t seem to help their bottom line? This article will help assess the reasons for buying wall décor and its benefits. Read on for precious information regarding whether décor is right for your business, and how to go about making these buying decisions.

Does the way your employees perceive their physical work environment have an impact on their job performance? You bet your break room it does!

In a recent study conducted by the Business Committee for the Arts in collaboration with the International Association for Professional Art Advisors, researchers established a positive relationship between on-the-job productivity and the presence of art in the workplace.

Along with productivity, the study addressed other human factors including stress, morale and creativity.

The survey polled employees from a variety of companies across industry lines, and overwhelmingly supported that art in the workplace:

  • Helps combat stress
  • Improves employee morale
  • Heightens creativity
  • Improves productivity
  • Encourages expression and creativity
  • Encourages diversity appreciation

What are the implications of this finding?

  1. The inclusion of artwork in company offices has a strategic importance in business planning.
  2. Including art in your corporate budget – The benefits of including art in your corporate budget may not only be apparent in managing human resources, but also in marketing.

Consider these as some of the immediate benefits of including art in your company’s marketing plans:

  1. The inclusion of art in company offices may be an excellent marketing strategy, especially if the company is in the service sector where outside customers visit company offices on a daily basis. Many medical service providers in private practice continuously acquire art from to support a sense of calmness and security.
  2. Strategically placing pieces of artwork in company buildings is a strong public relations tool, setting the business apart from competitors.

In the long run, the inclusion of art in your strategic plans:

  1. Points to social responsibility, teaching employees and customers to appreciate the value of art in society
  2. Enhances your work environment, fostering the acceptance of diversity and boosting creativeness among employees

So, you think including art in your company office is a great idea! Now you’re faced with a fundamental problem.

How do you go about acquiring pieces of artwork?

Begin the process with a step-by-step analysis of the company needs. Buying artwork is an important decision that requires substantial consideration. Contemplate the following points:

  • What form of art, and in what medium? Oil paintings on canvas, wooden sculptures, photograph. Our recommendation would be hand made oil paintings on canvas. They are easy to maintain and oil paintings provide the most desired effect.
  • Themes and content (Nudes and morbid imagery are a no-no!)
  • Quantity vs. quality- few expensive pieces or numerous cheaper ones.
  • Budget- don’t spend what you don’t have.
  • Design and décor issues (sometimes it’s better to leave this to professionals)

After making the best decision for your company, it’s time to get the ball rolling.

  1. Designate the responsibility of proposal preparation, procurement and collection management within the company, or contract from outside.
  2. Consult with professionals in the art business. Our recommendation would be OverstockArt – – an experienced online retailer of hand made oil paintings; they do a great job of consulting regarding décor and budget requirements. Their prices and quality were found to be the best on the web. Call them for free consultation at 1-866-686-1888.
  3. Complete the acquisition and arrange for installation.
  4. You may arrange an open house after the acquisition where employees should be encouraged to objectively appreciate the new collection (This helps to stimulate creativity and promote diversity appreciation!).

Congratulations, you’ve now joined the list of trend setting companies who motivate their employees to greater heights with the inspiration of art. A job well done!

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