Two Picasso Oil Paintings Stolen

one of the picasso paintings stolenTwo Picasso paintings were reported stolen today. The paintings, worth $66 million were taken from the home of Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter in Paris.

The paintings, “Maya and the Doll” and “Portrait of Jacqueline,” vanished last night.

It turns out that these two paintings are only a small part of missing or stolen Picasso works. There are currently 549 recorded works by Picasso that have disappeared of the face of the earth. The list includes oil paintings, sketches and drwaings of the great Spanish master.

There are reasons to suspect that the recent art theft was even bigger in magnitude then reported. Some sources say that the house had several more paintings and drawings of Picasso.

“Maya and the Doll” is a colorful oil painting depicting the mother of the granddaughter of Picasso who’s house was broken into. The portrait shows a lovely blond girl (Maya) with pigtails, done in Picasso’s famous Cubist style.

Maya was the daughter of Pablo Picasso and Marie-Therese Walter, the famous companion of Picasso from the 1920’s and 30’s. Marie-Therese was painted numerous times by Picasso and is most famous for her depiction in The Dream Portrait.

The other painting stolen depicts Jacqueline, Picasso’s last wife.

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