Vincent Van Gogh Remains Most Popular Artist in U.S., the online retailer of handmade oil paintings, has officially released the annual “Top 10 Oil Paintings” ranking for 2006. According to David Sasson, CEO of, the company releases its Top 10 list of best selling oil paintings each year to show which works of art are the “hippest, most desirable” paintings on the market — a fact, he says, many people are interested to know.

“A lot of people want to know what’s selling best because it gives them an idea of what’s trendy, what’s hip, what’s cool and what their respective peer groups are going to enjoy,” he said. “This is especially true in the business world where offices have to keep up with the latest interior d├ęcor trends and maintain a sense of modern quality to impress customers and clients… a lot of business owners like to make sure they’re up to speed.”

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