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Wall Art for the Winter Season

Winter is a magical time of year; beautiful snow-touched scenery and uplifting holiday cheer bring a certain ambiance that’s tough to achieve throughout the year. Fortunately, when the winter season does arrive, it’s a true pleasure to capture that same feeling within your home. All it takes is a heartfelt approach and your own personal touch.

Being that winter beauty is due in part to cold temperatures, more time is often spent within the home. This makes the benefit of creating a seasonal home atmosphere through careful decoration even more rewarding. When it’s 15 degrees outside, curling up next to the fire with a book never seemed so enticing. And doing so while surrounded by a collection of wonderful winter artwork makes for an even more cozy refuge.

This is the one component of your winter decorating plan that is important not to overlook, that being your winter artwork. In order to fully capture the spirit of the season, and to fully tie together your other winter decorating schemes, featuring winter artwork is a must. Winter landscape artwork is a natural choice, and very popular at that. Winter landscapes oils are breathtaking, and the seasonal connection is easily distinguishable to both yourself and your guests.

That being said, don’t be afraid to display artwork where the winter scene is more subtle and personal. After all, it is your art to enjoy, so use your imagination and go with your gut when choosing the right winter artwork for your home. Warm cottage scenes featuring fireplace smoke and log cabins may remind you of your yearly winter ski retreats. A lighthouse facing a storming ocean may remind you of childhood memories in Main. When choosing the right artwork for the winter season, personal connections are a good thing to keep in mind.

When selecting your winter decoration artwork, also be sure to keep placement in mind. Family-themed artwork fits well when decorating the living room or den for it appeals to the strong family relationships we celebrate during the holidays. If you have a fireplace in your home, this would be a great place to start your winter decoration efforts, for you’ll most likely be spending a lot of time warming up next to it, and few other fixtures remind us of the winter so strongly. When picking out artwork to accentuate your fireplace, be sure to keep the room’s existing tones and accents in mind. A good tip would be to imagine how the flickering light of the fire plays off the oil painting itself.

Overall, when decorating your home for the winter, do so in the spirit of happiness, tranquility, and family. When you look back on your life, try and single out those moments you enjoyed most, a good majority of them can be tied back to the tranquility and happiness you experienced while spending time with friends and family during the holidays.

As time rolls on, it’s important to both commemorate those moments and prepare for the creation of new memories. Having the perfect setting certainly plays a role, so take an active approach and enjoy the fruits of your effort for years to come.

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